Greetings freestyle connection crew!
My name is Don LaRue. Last month, my six year old son, Josiah was simply a bike rider. But now after meeting Jordan Prince, he calls himself a freestyle ‘BMXer’!  
We frequent the East Athens, GA skate park. On one particular day, Josiah was mesmerized by Jordan’s ‘flair’ with his bike.  Josiah then approached Jordan and Jordan was very engaging and friendly.  Jordan mentioned that he was in town to do a show at a school on the west side of town, coincidentally it was the same school Josiah attended.  Jordan offered many safety tips and encouraged my son to keep up the good work!  Since that day, my son hasn’t missed a sunny day (and even some rainy ones) where he wasn’t on his bike!
The whole family came to the show the next day. It was a wonderful, funny, and energetic show!  Both before and after the show, Jordan again conversed with my son in a very positive and encouraging way!  The photos attached with this email says it all!  
I thought a note was in order to thank Jordan Prince and the freestyle connection for inspiring my son! He is working very hard and hopes to be able one day to “show Jordan how he can shred!” :-) 
Your positive influence on my son is exactly the kind of help we parents need with our children. Keep up the great work-it matters!! 
Don Larue
(PS- notice Josiah now owns a bright orange helmet)

Inline image
Inline image
We had Freestyle BMX at Moulton-Branch for a reading reward and they were great!! Not only were they entertaining but they got the students involved. I believe they typically do shows for Drug Awareness or Behavior incentives but the team was glad to promote reading and mention the books related to bikes available in our media center. I will definitely use them again!!! 5-stars for this great team!


Alisande Mayer, Ed.D.

Media Specialist
Moulton-Branch Elementary
Valdosta, GA


Jon and I have been working together for going on 4 years now. His group of extremely talented riders have done over 40 shows for me all over the country and I have nothing but positive vibes for these guys! Their uniquely engaging interaction with kids instills a positive energy in the crowd and the teams dedication to the show is apparent in every event. These guys have ridden for me in extreme heat and cold, grass and asphalt and have never ever missed a beat. I consider Freestyle Connection one of my most reliable vendors as well as a pack of extremely genuine and dedicated dudes.


Alexandra Curatolo – Event Provider, Compass Rose Events


What a great way to celebrate the end of testing  in June  or  kick off the year in Sept.  The Free Style Team has a powerful message that focus on doing your best and never giving up.  They emphasize that practice makes perfect and demonstrate this with their amazing biking stunts.   This group is wonderful to work with as they will focus their message on whatever your goal is for the year.  Our students as well as the faculty and staff get so excited when they perfom!

Barbara Sessoms (Principal)

Linkhorn Park Elementary School 

Virginia Beach VA

(757) 648-2920


Hi Jon,
I want to extend a sincere thank you on behalf of all Thomson Estates Elementary students and staff members.  We thoroughly enjoyed the performance this afternoon.  It was, by far, one of our best assemblies.  Students were very excited and also received a positive message from you guys.  Your comments about passion for your work, remaining drug-free, and bike safety were greatly appreciated.
Again, thank you!  
Don Foskey
Vice Principle Thomson Estates Elementary School
Elkton, MD
SAE wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for providing our school an amazing BMX show on Friday. It was extremely entertaining and the absolute highlight of the students and staff day. We have made many social media posts with videos and pictures as well the fact that the school will send out an email blast highlighting Freestyle Connection. Thanks again for making this experience seamless, easy and enjoyable. 
Rebecca Mattace
PTA: Sweet Apple Elementary in Roswell, GA
email: rmattace@gmail.com
phone: 949-235-2981



We were overwhelmingly impressed with the BMX bike stunt show presented by The Freestyle Connection.

The stunts they performed were so exciting to both students and adults alike. 

The performers themselves were obviously extremely experienced and well-prepared, and the show they presented was not only entertaining but also equally informative and inspiring.

We would highly recommend The Freestyle Connection to present a high-quality, entertaining and exciting show that is sure to appeal to audiences of all ages!


Millie Cline

Hasty Elementary PTA

Canton, GA



When I initially contacted various BMX teams to look into scheduling a show at our  Fall Fundraiser, some called me back, and well....some didn't. Jonathan not only got back in touch with me right away, but stayed in touch for the next 3 months ensuring we had what we needed, even accommodating a date change! But he got us everything from graphics for our flyers and posters, to the right numbers of t-shirts. He even special ordered t-shirts for us since we had so many various youth sizes. 
When it came time for the show, Jonathan and the team (Brian, Kyle and Joe) they showed up on time, worked with us to customize the show time to accommodate the bus's, and got set up for the "Ultimate show" based on that timeline. They warmed up in front of the kids, and did a great interactive show full of humor, anti-bullying & anti-drug and tobacco lessons, incredible stunts, and autographs and pictures with the kids. To add more excitement and customization, they even jumped over our principal, some teachers and the Chik-Fil-A cow.....all at the same time! It was both hysterical and awesome at once!
It will truly be a day to remember for us all! Great job Freestyle Connection!!
Megan Jones
The Roberts Elementary PTA, staff and students :)



The BMX bike show in our school was a rock and experience! Everyone from our principal to our kindergartners were up on their feet screaming with excitement. Jonathan brings excellence to his work and has passion for the kids sending a great message with all of his heart. The stunts where the best – unbelievable and exciting.

–– Rachel Meltzer arts and education chairperson South Grove PTA Long Island



Hi Jonathan,

Thank you so much for working with us.  The Freestyle Connection has had great feedback from the community.  I am so proud of the job you did to promote our smokeless tobacco message.  Thanks for being such a great group!

See you next April for sure!


Leila C. Rykard, LPN, CWWS

Human Services Program Specialist

Tobacco Prevention Program
Florida Department of Health in Madison
218 SW Third Avenue
Madison, FL  32340
(850) 973-5000 ext. 1181
(850) 973-5007 fax


"Jon and his guys were easy to work with- timely-flexible and were wonderful with the kids. Their talent is exceptional and entertaining for all ages!! We would certainly hire them in the future!"
Thx again so much!!!
Andrea Ojert
PTA at South Forsyth Middle
4670 Windermere Prkwy
Cumming, GA 30606
"The Freestyle Connection team provided an amazing show and an even better message! Their team of professionals not only wowed the students with their stunts, but also brought a message of positivity in decision making and academics.  I will definitely use The Freestyle Connection in the future to implement bike safety and promote physical health with my regional students." 

Rebekah Edens - Active Routes to School Project Coordinator, NC 

Rebekah Edens, MSPH
Region Six Active Routes to School Project Coordinator

Serving Anson, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke,
Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph, Richmond,and
Scotland counties.

"A lifetime of physical activity can begin on the way to school."




Jonathan Dowker and his terrific co-workers just packed up and departed. it was just great, and the kids were beyond exited. The message about anti-drugs, healthy choices (wearing helmets), working hard and anti-bullying was right on target.

On behalf of MCES, thank you!

Ellen Gann
Mossy Creek Elementary
128 Horace Fitzpatrick Dr.
Cleveland, GA 30528




Dear Jon,

I want to thank you again for bringing The Freestyle Connection to
Johnson Elementary School this past Friday.  Students and staff
couldn't stop talking about the show all day long.  Everywhere I went
there were cheers of thanks.  I have never seen our students so
engaged.  It was truly amazing to see.  Not only did they love your
incredible tricks, but I know they were listening when you delivered
your message about healthy living and staying focused on your goals
and dreams.  You guys are wonderful role models for our kids.  They
really look up to you and what you have accomplished.  It was very
rewarding to see their excitement following your performance.  Please
let your team know what a great job they did and how much we
appreciate them.

Below you will find some links to the media that covered your visit.
I have also attached some pictures taken by myself and one of our
teachers.  I have tried to "blur" some student faces as we might not
have permission from all parents to publish pictures of their
children.  Thanks!


Trussville Tribune




BMX Show testimonials



Great show at carwise middle today guys! Kids really enjoyed it, thanks a lot for coming.
PTSA fundraiser chairperson



This team not only put on a tremendous show, they inspired our students to
be the best they can be.  The energy they displayed encouraged our students
to be more passionate about their goals.  The team even had some one on one
conversations with our students after the show.  They are a class act!

Eric Thigpen
Snellville Middle School
(770) 682-3790


John & Kyle,

  I would like to personally thank you for your showmanship of BMX flatland and ramp jumping techniques.  It certainly brought back many memories of my youth BMX days.  Your professional display kept our students well entertained.

Your expertise of delivering a lively show,  followed up by offering a strong message about the negative effects of drugs, certainly set a tone with our students.  Your reinforcement of these topics accent my safety messages within the community.  I look forward to having you perform here again.  Keep up the great work and continue to stay DRUG FREE!  Thank you.

Allen Stotler
School Resource Officer
Welleby Elementary


Please note that Florida has a broad public records law, and that all correspondence to me via email may be subject to disclosure.



The guys showed up today and we were very pleased!  I wanted to make certain you knew what a class act of guys you have.  Kyle made contact with me twice before arrival and was excellent in keeping me updated on his arrival.  The kids loved their show, it was wonderful how they spoke about bike safety, helmet wearing, no-drugs, smoking, etc.  As a family event, which we take great pride in, we all commented on how nicely this was done.  These guys deserve some kudos for a job well done.  We are looking forward to their shows tomorrow.

Thanks again, and I hope you feel better. Attached is a photo of our guys at the Loudoun County Fair!


Tricia C. Wilkerson
Assistant Superintendent
Loudoun County Fair
July 25 - 30, 2011

Cell: 703-431-8744




Hi Jonathan,

I am happy to let you know that the BMX Show that The Freestyle Connection performed at Keene's Crossing Elementary on May 20th, 2011 was fantastic.  All of our students, teachers, and parents loved it.  The show was full of excitement, "oohs" and "aahs."  I overheard kids talking about how incredible it was to see the stunt bikers flying upside down and doing flips.  The highlight was certainly when they they jumped over one of the teachers and then over each other, while standing!  The positive message of the show was exactly what we were seeking, and the bike safety message was perfect.

Please feel free to have prospective schools contact me if they would like a reference.  I will be certain to pass your contact info along to other schools in my area.  Thanks again for a great show, that topped off a great night at Keene's Crossing.

Lisa Brodsky
Spring Fling Co-Chair
Keene's Crossing PTO, Windermere, FL

Good Afternoon,

I just have to send this quick email to say thank you for that great show today. Our students really enjoyed the show, as well as the adults. Thanks for an awesome time!!!!! Looking forward to next year show already.


~Live Laugh Love~

Valentina M. Jackson
Media Lab/PTO Co-President
Wrens Elementary School
1711 Highway 17 N
Wrens Ga. 30833





We have had the pleasure of partnering with The Freestyle Connection several times in order to promote tobacco free and healthy lifestyles to the youth in our community. Our most recent partnership occurred at our local High School and was an enormous success. The students and faculty really enjoyed the fun and energetic show as well as the important messages involving health and safety. The Freestyle Connection is extremely professional and always dependable. We highly recommend The Freestyle Connection and look forward to working with them again in the future.




Katy Curry

Health Educator

Taylor County Health Department

850-584-5087 ext. 193




For two years we have had The Freestyle Connection team bring their show and message to Madison.  Their show is entertaining for all ages and they weave your message throughout their performance.  It is my opinion that the audience will pay attention to what they do and say with greater retention than any guest speaker.  If you want a different approach to delivering a tobacco-free/drug-free message give them a try.




H. Preston Mathews, MPH




Smoking Cessation Consultant


Quit Smoking Now Class Facilitator



325 NW Turner Davis Dr.

Bldg 13, Rm 139

Madison, FL 32340



Our staff and students were wowed yesterday with your BMX bike show!  Your message stressing the importance of a healthy lifestyle came shining through.  The connection to how the practice and hard work it takes to master the bike stunts is like the studying it takes to learn content and prepare for tests was excellent.  Teachers also made positive comments about how you interwove goal-setting to achieving your dreams.    Our students are still talking about the show this morning!  Thanks for helping us to promote character and achievement at MBSE!





Benita C. Lawrence, Ed. D.


Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary

5006 E Hwy. 150

Brown Summit, NC  27214

(336) 656-4010 phone

(336) 656-4616 fax






Dear John, Rob & Kyle,

   Thanks so much for bringing your outstanding show and message to Clement Elementary. Not only were you a huge hit with the students ("those guys rocked!"), but our staff raved on and on too. When you can get a group of ladies to say they really liked a show while standing in the heat and humidity - youknow you've done a good days work!! :)

   Everyone thought the way you incorperated your anti-drug message with your presentation was great; Keep up the truley excellent work. Again many thanks for sharing your message and talents with us.

Tammy Honeycutt

School Counselor




Call the Freestyle Connection for more info at (706) 202-8404






























































































































































































































































































































































  June 16, 2006          


   I booked Jon and the Freestyle Connection for the 2006 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois. We knew with the Superman Returns movie being released, a lot of attention & media coverage would be focused on Metropolis. We wanted to put on an outstanding event for the record crowd of Superman Fans who came in for the weekend. Freestyle Connection was absolutely SUPER!! What an awesome show!! We had used a couple other groups in previous years, but THIS group was outstanding. Not only was the show fantastic, but we loved the way the MC worked the crowd, had a drug-free message, and talked about safe riding. They even ended the show with THE SUPERMAN Stunt, red cape and all!! They were great to work with and I highly recommend Freestyle Connection to anyone who wants an Awesome First Class BMX Bike Show.


Karla K. Ogle

Superman Celebration Chairman

Metropolis Chamber of Commerce

Metropolis Illinois





February 2008

   Southern School Services, Inc. has partnered with The Freestyle
Connection to reward our valued customers for their fundraising efforts.
The Freestyle Connection has delivered consistent, action-packed,
professional shows time and again. Through the entire process from
booking to show performance, The Freestyle Connection has offered us
flexibility and dependability to accommodate our business and most
importantly, our customers! We offer this BMX stunt show and the valuable
lesions of Bike Safety and Anti-Drug Messaging for all age groups and
have found that there is no age specific range for this show – the show
appeals to all!
   It is with my personal endorsement, that I commend and recommend The
Freestyle Connection to all current and future customers of Southern
School Services, Inc. as well as any customers The Freestyle Connection
may procure on their own.
Lisa M. Kenney
Southern School Services, Inc.

1011 Mackenzie Lane  Watkinsville, GA 30677 Phone 877-769-0832 / Fax 888-769-4187


Tue, 5 May 2009

Just wanted to thank you for coming to our school this year. The kids are still talking about the show you presented...I think this is the BEST MONEY I have ever spent...I have also talked to other schools in the county and they are interested in your show as well.. Just shoot me an email when you think you will be here in the Fall and/or Spring and I will do my best to get you several schools in the county....

Thanks Again,
Heather Bowling
Goose Rock FRC Coordinator
364 Hwy 1524
Manchester, KY 40962
"He who can reach a child's heart can reach the world's heart."
                        Rudyard Kipling


 Dear Jon,
Thank you so much for coming out to do your BMX show for our lunchtime entertainment for field day.  I appreciate your professionalism as we both called each other to set up the event.  I appreciate working with a company that shows up on time and comes prepared with all their own sound system and equipment.  You made it easy for me during a very hectic day.  The teachers and students loved the show and how you incorporated the sport of BMX and demonstrated safety in bicycling was an added plus to your program.  You were a gift to us this Field Day and I know the kids are going to want to see you again next year.  I highly recommend your company and would be happy to talk to any future customers that have any questions.  This year our motto at the school is that we are to do everything "with excellence", your company did just that this past Friday with our school.

Connie Sheets
King's Ridge Christian School
Health and Physical Educator K-5