Looking for a school assembly that your kids will love? Look no further! You can't find a more exciting way to catch your students' attention. Throughout our mindblowing BMX show we include messages of:

  • Healthy Living
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Anti-Bullying,
  • Living Tobacco Free
  • Staying in School


Our BMX Show is a great way to help celebrate red ribbon week and being drug free!




Box Jump BMX Show (outdoor show)


  • This BMX Show is our most popular school assembly:
  • 5ft portable box jump as well as a spine ramp
  • Ground and ramp riding.
  • 40 minutes show
  • Fun, exciting music! 




In the event of poor weather we usually arrange to perform indoors with our spine ramp.



The Ultimate BMX Show (indoor or outdoor show)


 Give your school a show they will never forget! This show includes:


  • Quarter Pipe & Box Jump Ramps
  • Set up outside or indoors (This entire set up can fit into a school gymnasim)
  • Choreographed to great music and involves fun skits 
  • Up to three shows can be performed in one day.    


This picture below shows the Ultimate Show set up with a shorter deck on the box to compensate for a small gymnasim. 



Please give us a call or email us for a free quote!


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