Bring our BMX show to your fair or special event. We provide one of the most exciting and thrilling forms of family entertainment available! Audiences of all ages love this show. We provide professional equipment, riders, ramps and a choreographed show your audience is going to love!



The Ultimate BMX Show (2 large ramps + 3 to 4 riders)

This is our biggest BMX show and was designed with fairs and festivals in mind to entertain large crowds! The show includes a 10ft quarter pipe ramp for big air and a 5ft box jump for trick variations. We can set up outside or inside a building with 20ft high ceilings. This entire set up is portable and can fit through a single door (ramps fold up and roll on casters). The two ramps allow riders to perform more tricks providing more action! (No more than 3 shows per day please)



Sykesville PA fair

Elberton Georgia Fair


From left to right Waynesboro GA fair, Chattahoochee GA Fair, Marmora Ont Fair.


Swampfest Waycross GA


Box Jump BMX Show (1 large ramp & 1 small ramp + 3 riders)

This BMX Show includes a 5ft tall box jump ramp and usually a smaller spine ramp. This show involves ramp riding and flatland ground moves. This show gives you most of the big tricks without the extra expense of our bigger set up.



*Ask us about our full Bike Park set up for amusement parks! Call 706-202-8404 to inquire.


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