BMX bike show


BMX bike shows for schools, fairs & events are our specialty. You can easily bring this professional, BMX bike show to your location! Witness BMX stunt shows at their finest with this fun & exciting program performed by the Freestyle Connection BMX Stunt Team!


We perform BMX shows in Georgia, Alabama, North & South Carolina, Tenessee, Florida & more!


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We also have teams in  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Texas and California! 


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During our BMX school assemblies we speak to your students about the following:


Bicycle Safety

Anti - Bullying

Living tobacco free

Acomplishing goals 

And More!


Bring something different to your school or event this year like our BMX Stunt Show! You can't find a more exciting and educational form of entertainment!


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Contact us for more info and pricing:

Email -


Phone - (706) 202-8404 or toll free at (877) BMX-TRIX


Fax - (877)-269-8749 or also (877) BMX-TRIX


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